A) Submission to International Competitions

1. The Call for Entries of the twenty-second edition of Milano Film Festival, that will take place in Milan from September, 28th to October, 8th 2017, will open from March, 17th 2017. All Applicants for the International Feature or Short Film Competitions will have to fill in the online submission forms, inserting a private online link to watch the film online and/or a downloadable link (preferable). Starting from 2016 Milano Film Festival will charge a supporting fee for each submission of € 10.00 for short films and € 25.00 for feature films.

2a. The Feature Film Competition is open to only First and Second features of any genre, language and format, produced after January 1st, 2016, not yet premiered in Italy. The competition is not divided into categories.

2b. The Short Film Competition is open to films of any genre, language and format, produced after January 1st, 2016. Short Film Competition is only open to film directors still under 40 years old at the time of the submission deadline (
(extended to June, 19th 2017). The competition is not divided into categories.

3. The Feature Film Competition is open to films longer than 60 minutes.
The Short Film Competition is open to films under 30 minutes (included). Milano Film Festival direction could discuss peculiar cases with the Applicant.

4. In order to enter the competition, the online dedicated submission form must be completed and sent to Milano Film Festival not later than the midnight of
June, 19th 2017. However, Milano Film Festival reserves the right to anticipate or posticipate the deadline.

5. Each Applicant can send three short films and/or two feature films at most. Each presented film must have its own form completed with a single link connected to one film.

6.The link with its password to watch the film must be inserted in dedicated field into the online submission form. It's requested to each Applicant to provide a downloadable link, or enabled for download, to facilitate the selection process. Each link with its password must remain active till the end of October, 2017. Milano Film Festival can decide to not evaluate the application whose link will be inaccessible, expired or incorrect during the selection process.

7. The link must stay private, even it can be uploaded in any format and visible through an existing video platform. Videos that can be downloaded are preferred.

8. The pre-selection copies will be collected in the Milano Film Festival video archives*.
All costs related to the pre-selection copies will be covered by the Applicants.

9. Each selected Applicant authorizes the publication of its data on the website and in the catalogue, as well as their diffusion through the media for promotional purposes according to the law**.

10. For each film submitted, one accreditation card will be made available for the Applicant. They will be valid for all the screenings and side events included in the Festival's program. Further informations about benefit and access to the screenings related to the accreditation card will be published on the website.

*video archive: all the films submitted to the competition will be catalogued and made available for consultation; in the event of a public screening, Milano Film Festival will contact the distributors and/or producers and/or filmmakers for the screening license.

**according to the DGL 196/2003 (the Italian privacy law) about the use of personal data, we inform that the personal data you’re providing with the submission forms will be used by esterni in full respect of the law and they won’t be spread nor transmitted to other people. While giving your email address, you’ll give your consent to receive information by esterni, about Milano Film Festival and its initiatives.


B) Selection

1. From the submissions received before the deadline, the Milano Film Festival selection committee will choose the titles that will takes part at the twenty-second edition of the International Feature and Short Film Competition.

2. The official list of the films participating to the competitions will be published on the website before the start of the festival, during the Official Press Conference. All the Applicants will receive a notification via e-mail containing the Official Selection by the end of August, 2017.

3. The competing Applicants, filmmakers and/or producers, will be invited to take part in MFN Archive Project (D) starting from November, 2017.

4. The films will be screened, if possible, in the screening format declared in the submission form, subtitled both in English and Italian. For every film not in English language, the competing Applicant, filmmakers and/or producers must give to Milano Film Festival a screen copy with English subtitles. Every competing Applicant must send, also, the English dialogue list.

5. The filmmakers and/or producers undertake to send:

- By August 5th , 2017 via e-mail: the post production script and a detailed technical sheet including a synopsis, a bio-filmography of the filmmaker, photographic material and any other information requested by the Milano Film Festival during the compilation of the catalogue.
- By August 16th, 2017: a Bluray disk or file as backup copy of the film. This copy will be filed in the Festival's archive for security and promotional reasons - it will be screened at the festival in emergency cases, and, after the festival, in the events of a screening of the entire Milano Film Festival artistic program in another city.
- Also by August 16th 2017: a copy of the film in the screening format declared in the submission form, with English subtitles (except for the english language films).
- Press kit containing materials of the film to be handed over to journalists and to be distributed in the Festival area for audience and film directors during the event.

6. The shipping cost for returning the screening copies will be covered by the Milano Film Festival. Milano Film Festival accepts no responsibility of loss of film copy after the shipping.

7. The directors and/or producers of the films selected authorize the screening of their film  during the Milano Film Festival and the diffusion (tv, web) of trailers for the promotion of the event (up to 50 seconds for short films; up to 3 minutes for feature films).

8. The directors (and/or other members of the crew) of the selected film will be invited to attend the Festival and a free accreditation card will be given to each of them. The Milano Film Festival will contribute to the travel and accommodation expenses according to its means.


C) Awards

1. Two international juries will award a prize to the Best Feature Film and to the Best Short Film. Equal First and Special Mentions are also possible.

2. The organizers of Milano Film Festival – esterni – reserve the right to give the traditional Aprile Award to a short or feature film. Special Mentions may also be announced.

3. Other awards:
−    Audience Award
−    Milano Film Festival Staff Award
−    Student Jury Award
−    Best Animation Award

4. The organizers of Milano Film Festival could decide to add other awards if the opportunity occurs.

D) MFN Archive Project – Milano Film Network

The competing filmmakers and/or producers will be invited, filling the last part of submission form,  to take part in the MFN Archive Project and Re-distribution Project of Milano Film Festival, developed with Milano Film Network (from now on MFN***), starting from October 2013.

By accepting the Archive clause on the bottom of the submission form the Applicants accepts to be part in a multimedia common archive, which the aim is ordered and preserve operas of past and future editions of Milano Film Festival, and in a private web video library, open to registered users only. The private access to the archive, equipped with anti-piracy measures, will be allowed to students, professors and professionals of film and audiovisual industry only, that previous joining the MFN and that will be previous authorized from Milano Film Festival and/or MFN to watch the film in low resolution.

Milano Film Festival reserves the right of proposing films both in Italy and Europe to increase the circulation of films from it's selections. Neither screening will be affected without permission or an  agreement with the filmmakers and/or productions.

***Milano Film Network, realized thanks the support of Cariplo Foundation, born as project organized by seven film festivals based in Milan – FCAAL, Festival MIX Milano, Filmmaker, Invideo, Milano Film Festival, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Sport Movies & Tv Fest – to compare and sharing managing experiences, productions and experimentations, collecting the necessities of single reality and placing itself as influential referent for all the film and audiovisual industry based on territory.
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