MFF2021 Awards

International Film Competition Award

Prize awarded to the Milano Film Festival 2021 winning film.

The International Film Competition Award goes to Roaring 20’s for how it combines a radical formal choice with the original fresco of a moment in history. The film is striking for the collective dimension of the effort and technical enterprise, which has a symbolic value: due to an enforced closure, there is a reappropriation of an open urban space and a renewed perception of time, recovering the importance of human contact.

Roaring 20’s

by Elisabeth Vogler

Jury Special Award

Mention that the festival jury reserves the right to assign to a particularly deserving film.

The Jury Special Award goes to L’incanto for the audacity with which it narrates crimes rooted in the collective imagination, renouncing the power of sensationalist images in favour of a visionary poetics. With the scope of investigating Evil, the film gives voice to two complex female figures at the opposite poles of the typical morbid spectacularization belonging to crime news.


by Chiara Caterina

Aprile Award

Acknowledgement assigned by the founders of esterni, the creators and organisers of MFF, to the short or feature film judged as most representative of the festival’s artistic choices.

Actual People

by Kit Zauhar

Audience Award

This is the prize awarded based on the public’s vote, called upon to express their opinion during the festival immediately after the screening in the cinema.


by Anita Rocha da Silveira

Jury Special Mention

A special mention awarded by the MFF Jury.

The jury awards a special mention to Fall of the Ibis King, for the power of a visual story with an evocative and original trait.

Fall of the Ibis King

by Mikai Geronimo, Josh O’Caoimh